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Shinhwa Changjo from Russia
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Hello, dear followers!
I decided introduce myself to you. ^^
Firstly I have to say that I never studied english so I’m no good in it. Sorry ^^’
Who I am? I’m Shinhwa Changjo in case when we talk of K-pop’s world. My name Elizaveta or Elizabeth (my english name) or just Lizzy. I’m Russian (27 years).
I knew about Shinhwa two years ago, in July 2012. I heard song ‘Venus’ in show You&I with Lee Hyori and decided learn about these 6 men more. I discovered for me Shinhwa Broadcast. So after 5 episodes I fell in love with Shinhwa.
Today I can bravely say that I’m Shinhwa Changjo :)
Now I’m one of them who translate information, news, articles, show about Shinhwa in russian language for Russain Shinhwa Changjo.
I remember how shinchangs from Korea was surprised when saw rice wreath from us - Russian SHCJ - on one of Shinhwa’s concerts ^^
Yes, we exist. :D
I’m ficwriter. I write low ratings fanfics (G, PG-13) mostly about RicSyung or all Shinhwa.
If you know russian you can read it here:
Or use Google Translator. Thanks ShinCom’s Facebook page Admin for idea :D
I like god too. I learned about group god in this year. Oh! I waited their new album so impatiently and it didn’t dissapoint me. I like ALL songs from this album!
I’m interesting in HotSechGodRG too. They are awesome men.
It’s all that I wanted tell for you about me.
My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liza.trapeznikova
Welcome! ^^image

Hello Shinhwa Changjo!
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"It was strange. It was unfamiliar, but I still smelled something familiar. You know the feel of it? But even in my sleep, it felt strange. It wasn’t Ha-jin’s touch, but the touch of the hand on my back was really familiar."

(со страницы ericmun)

(со страницы ericmun)

Shinhwa’s Dance Machine! :D

Shinhwa’s Minwoo’s n°1 Fanboy (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

I like Shinhwa’s fanboys XD



Following their successful performance in Osaka, Japan, as well as their 3rd trophy from Music Core this past week, Block B has now set their eyes on Moscow, Russia for a performance up-close and personal!

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(со страницы iheartshinhwa)

(со страницы iheartshinhwa)